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Robert J Wise Attorney at Law represents clients throughout the Kansas City area in disputes between landlords and tenants. We provide effective legal counsel for property managers and renters in cases involving violations of lease agreements, maintenance issues and negligent management. If you need an advocate in a landlord / tenant matter, call an experienced real estate lawyer.

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Landlords’ Rights • Tenants’ Rights
Most cases involve landlord complaints of lease violations on the part of a residential or commercial renter. 90% of our work in this area is on behalf of the landlord or property manager. We advise and represent property owners in the eviction process. However, we also advocate for renters who have suffered as a result of lease violations, poor maintenance, or negligence on the part of the landlord.

Robert J Wise Attorney At Law has extensive knowledge of landlord / tenant law and can help clients in a wide variety of real property management disputes:

  • Rental payment issues – late rent, unpaid rent
  • Violations of lease agreements – pet violations
  • Title Issues – tenants’ right to purchase a property; right of first refusal
  • Personal injury claims
  • Eviction matters – 3-day notices, 30-day notices, unlawful retainer lawsuits

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